Deputy Governor Achuba’s Revelations: Our Priority as Impoverished Citizens

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As suffering citizens and not political party members,
which one should we be more interested in:

implications of Deputy Governor Achuba’s revelations or the fact that he has been silent and only coming out
now that he can no longer take the heat?
Our business is with the outrgeous implications of his
revelations: how GYB and his hegemonic disciples are
looting our commonwealth and improverishing us as
a people and state. As far as I am concerned, Elder Achuba is making all
these revelations because of his personal quarrel with
Governor Yahaya Bello and Edward Onoja, but it will
be stupid of me to focus on this instead of listening to
him and harvesting useful information from the
damning revelations he is making. I should even be happy that the internal fight happened and has led to
this media exposé. Something which further lends
credence to what we already know – that Governor
Bello and his disciples are just out to steal us blind and
drive our people into poverty and leave the state in
socioeconomic retrogression! In case you don’t realise it, by focusing on the Deputy
Governor and vituperating on his reasons or intentions
for taking the government to the cleaners in the
media, you’re helping the government muddle things
up and deflate the enomity of their dastardly crime
against the people of Kogi state. You’ve inadvertently become an AGENT OF YAHAYA BELLO doing his dirty

We are taking about DOZENS OF BILLIONS being stolen,
and workers and citizens going through hell in the
hands of Yahaya Bello and Edward Onoja but your
problem is “why is Achuba coming out now?” Really????

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