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Due to the provocative attitude of Mohammed Audu, the Estranged son of Late Abubakar Audu whom in his quest to scuttle the chances of APC to winning the gubernatorial seat of Kogi state by sponsoring campaign of calumny and lies against our party interest in Kogi state, we the kogites now dim is necessary to remind Mohammed Audu and the people of Kogi his current state of paternal identity.

In 2004, when push came to shove with his disrespectful attitude towards his father, Late Prince Abubakar Audu in a letter he wrote to his Estranged son, Mohammed Audu, the entire family, and few elders of Kogi without mincing words disowned his son Mohammed Audu over his insulting, embarrassing, and utter disregard to his family values, coupled with his disrespect and public affront including forcefully converting his father’s property into his own. This unbearable attitude provoked his father to disown him.

This attitude can only be exhibited by a prodigal son.

Senior party stakeholders have asked him to step down from the governorship race to avoid calamitous show of shame against himself and the party, since he is unpopular both from the top stakeholders of the party to the bottom. Yet he adamantly continued with his smear campaign.

His recalcitrant attitude and disregard to the voice of elders cost Faleke the governorship seat and brought about governor Yahaya Bello. He is now poised to cost the party the November 2019 Kogi governorship election with his anti party activities.

It is also worthy of note that Faleke at a press briefing lask week, swore to never support Mohammed Audu because of his antecedent and irresponsible behaviors.

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Excerpt from Late Audu’s Letter to his Estranged son.

“Your abrupt and insultive behavior constitutes serious embarrassment to me. In addition, your utter disregard to my family values, coupled with your grave disrespect and public affront including forcefully converting my personal property into yours have left me with no choice but to disown you.

Henceforth, you cease to be my lawful son or to be regarded, treated, or refer to as a member of my nuclear family. Neither myself or any member of my family would have nothing to do with you, with effect from the 4th day of December 2004.

This letter is copied to my daughter Maminat and the rest of my extraction both in Nigeria and abroad.”

Signed, Late Prince Abubakar Audu

Note:There is no ‘Prince Muhammad Audu’ the son of the late Prince Audu Abubakar currently contesting for Kogi State Governorship Election under the platform of APC.

As a matter of fact, the said Muhammad has not picked any intention form so it’s baseless to claim he is contesting.

More so, as stated in a disclaimer credited to Late Prince Audu Abubakar, ‘Muhammad’ is not recognized as the son of the late Abubakar.

Prince Mustapha Mona Audu remains the only son of the Late Prince Audu Abubakar vying for Kogi Sate gubernatorial seat.

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