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*Prince MUSTAPHA Mona AUDU* has described KOGI state as being unlucky in her pick of Governor so far,crediting the unfortunate situation as the reason the confluence state is forever regarded as potential giant never truly fulfilling her potential.

Kogi is like a state at war with herself how can civil servants the backbone of the state be owned salaries for years without empathy? Do you know the level of poverty that has crippled my people in the recent years? What’s the excuse? No matter how tough they can be any leader who knows what he is doing and is sincere with himself can fix most of these issues.

It is time for KOGI state to have a *Governor* they will be proud of enough of the mediocre status quo, The destiny of our people is too huge to be scarified on an alter of onions and salt during campaign.

Pseudo news from pseudo people about *Prince MUSTAPHA Mona AUDU* there has been wild spread news about PMMA that he is a faithful agents to the incumbent governor sent out to disarray and sabotage the political ambition of others aspirant particularly his elder brother *Prince Muhammad Abubakar AUDU* that is hugely a pieces of fake news.

What else does Mona want from the incumbent governor? Are you not much aware about PMMA worked closely to his deceased father late Prince Abubakar AUDU *THE GREAT ADOJA 1* Do you think Mona will work for the present government for appointment? What’s type of appointment could that be? Is it as Deputy governor without portfolio, or Chief of staff?

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*DEAR PMMA SUPPORTERS AND KOGI1ST KOGI4ALL families do not deterred or carries away by that mere baseless and unfounded rumors as much is capable of losing you vote to agent of DOOM*

An idle man is the devil workshop.

Let’s keep the spirit moving and let’s all endure to be committed, focus,vigilant, and prayerful as well..

May Almighty God bless us, protect our principal PMMA and give us victory at the end….

*#ADOJA is back*

*(Olamilekan Raji…..✍)*

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