The Flaws of Yahaya Bello has Brought Shame on the Entire Kogi People

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The Flaws of Yahaya Bello has Brought Shame on the Entire Kogi People

In the last few days, Kogi state has been in the eyes of the world and the talk of town for the inglorious battle between the deputy governor, Simon Achuba and the governor, Yahaya Bello.

Veritably, the emergence of Bello as the governor of Kogi State which was seen as a Devine Providence should have humbled the duo and brought succor to the people of the State but the reverse happened to obviously become the case.

Achuba has exposed the governor with several allegations ranging from epileptic salary payment to manipulation of elections and breeding of insurity in the state. He has proven it to the world that Bello is incompetent and not capable of ruling the good people of Kogi State. He clearly provided the statistical analysis of fund mismanagement by the government. And the condition of institutions and bodies in the state.

Arguably, the deputy governor could have certain ulterior motives but who knows the governor better than his own deputy? Achuba has advised Kogites to chase away Bello and this call is something the Kogites must obey. We can’t because of a man bury all our heads in shame.

Obviously, the state has been turned to a laughing stock. People are now denying their identities and disassociating themselves from anything connecting to Kogi State. This has never happened in the history of our dear state. We must not allow it to continue.

It’s a show of shame but a course for the people of Kogi State to have a recourse to Prince Mustapha Mona Audu who has been found capable to govern the people.

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Mona has been X-rayed and chosen to fix our dear state. Tell somebody to tell everybody say Monadecome.

*#ADOJA is back*
*#Sai Mona AUDU*

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