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The only state that is an exception is KOGI state, where that is called monthly salary for most civil servants is exactly what some civil servants elsewhere spend over lunch…

Of recent the federal government gave the incumbent governor 30.8billion to settle with the Dept of unpaid salaries, but unfortunately all we can see is buying of big Jeep, venza, Prado etc,with the peoples Money who had suffered a lot may Almighty God rescue us from this devil.

Despite the present situation we are facing in kogi state, its so unfortunately that some are still rejoicing that this incumbent governor need a second term.. *HELL NO* we are not 3rd class citizens in kogi state, we want a change in power, we want someone who understand the impact of the people, we want free and fair election in kogi state, the masses deserved a better leader who will put ends to hunger,suffering, unpaid salaries, kidnapping, crimes to our dear state..

We plead to his Excellency PMB and all stakeholders,delegates, our leaders who uphold, uplift our dear Party APC to show mercy upon us in kogi state.. We are sick and tired of this incumbent governor.

Please and please we begged you all the strong stakeholders to give us *Prince MUSTAPHA Mona AUDU as our next Governor of kogi state*

Remember that his late Prince Abubakar AUDU fought for you and I to reminds us that,his still much alive today Am back to continue my goodwill to my people. By embracing my son.


Whereas key official and agents of the state government insist that all is well.

Whereas associate and online supporters of the current government insist that all is well.

The reality is to the effect that there is hunger induced tension, palpable uncertainty, misery,pain,agony, and death looming by the corner..

Kogi state civil servants cannot afford good food,houses and clothes

Kogi state civil servants cannot fairly used cars of lowest grade, while some of them cannot afford to train their wards in school outside, kogi state which are in themselves another evil visited on KOGITES by the mismanagers of our patrimony.

However, *PRINCE MUSTAPHA MONA AUDU* has sounded it clearly to civil servants that’s there is hope…

*provided they can resolved to offer themselves as delegate and return him as the duly nominated candidate of the APC come August 29th 2019……*

*provided they can muster the determination to return him as duly elected Governor come November 16 2019…….*

Every workers to whom salary is owed in kogi state *WILL* be paid in full by *HIS FIRST 90 DAYS IN OFFICE*

Dear kogi civil servants, a blank cheque has been written ,take charge of your future and *put yourself first this time around*

*Prince MUSTAPHA Mona AUDU has thrown an open challenge*

The choice is before *Kogi workers across all levels*

Choose between *Prince MUSTAPHA Mona AUDU and those who have held you and I down under gluttonous grip so that only them can have the good things of life*

Let the countdown begins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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*#vote PMMA 4 Governor*
*#vote APC*
*#let’s get to work 4 PMMA*
*#itesiwaju Mona laafe..*

*(Olamilekan Raji….✍)*

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