16 Qualities That Make Natasha Akpoti a Rare Breed and an Exceptional Political Reformer In Nigeria – Daniel

The Qualities That Make Natasha Akpoti a Rare Breed and an Exceptional Political Reformer In Nigeria – Daniel

When you hear the name Natasha Akpoti, what comes to your mind? The former Kogi State Gubernatorial/Senatorial Candidate of the Social Democratic Party SDP?
The CEO of The Builders Hub?

Ajaokuta Iron And Steel Revival Activist?
A Political Reformer?.

Natasha is all these and so much more and if this is the first time you are coming across her name, here are some facts about him that might interest you.

Natasha Akpoti A Mother Of Three Was Born And Raised in Okehi LGA of Kogi State and her mother from Ukraine

Now that you know some details about her, it’s time to discuss the 16 qualities that make her a rare breed and an exceptional Politician:

The Extraordinary, Fearless Lioness From Kogi CentraL

1. Passionate: Natasha scores extremely high when it comes to being passionate about the Kogi project.

When Natasha is in the room, you can’t help but feel the burning passion in her for a better Kogi State.

In Natasha’s lens, the Kogi project is a project of possibility. She has a rare yet unique way of lighting up a fire within you rather than lighting up a fire beneath you.
Her words carry power beyond the ordinary. It’s an indescribable feeling that should be experienced more than imagined.

2. Vision: If you ever take your time to listen to Natasha’s vision about Ajaokuta Steel and Kogi State in general, you’ll observe how she takes you on a special journey to see the glorious end from the beginning.

She has a special ability to envision the future, bring it to your conscious and map out a pathway of achievement.

Through her vision and leadership, she was the first to establish a thriving Helping Hand to Woman and Children in Kogi.

3. Selfless: Each time you hear the name Natasha Akpoti, selflessness is a word that will always stand out.

Her selflessness is evident in the way she attends to the needs of others, fighting for them and helping to restore hope, faith and dignity.

4. Disruptor: Natasha Akpoti has redefined the way political campaigns are done in Kogi State.

Se’s the first Gubernatorial candidate in Kogi’s history who has taken it upon herself to meet with, deliberate and listen to every Kogites no matter where they are located in the State.

In addition to this, she is also the one of the few, if not the first gubernatorial candidate who honors ALL Kogites no matter that socio-economic, educational, religious or ethnic status.

5. Innovative: When you talk about being innovative, it’s impossible to ignore her.

She is the first Gubernatorial candidate to have raised almost Millions transparently in supporting the fight against Covid-19 Such as Relief Matterials And Ventilators To The State Federal Medical Center and Still Counting.

COVID-19: FMC Lauds Natasha Akpoti over Donation of Mobile Ventilators

She has also completely changed the way retail politics is being done in Kogi with her use of social media and running a lean campaign to get the message of hope, liberation and freedom to the people.

She’s one of the few Gubernatorial candidates, if not the first, to give a clear proposal on how to get kogi working again with the use of technology and available state resources.

6. Orator: Natasha is truly a great orator at heart. She has a rare way of engaging her audience from the heart, often times holding them spellbound.

Her speeches are mostly unscripted, articulate, and not only great in depth but also well thought out in breath.

7. Compassionate: She’s one of the few Kogi Gubernatorial candidates that have demonstrated clear compassion to the plight of Kogites.

In her bid to become the governor of Kogi State, she’s the only one out of all the gubernatorial candidates that has put the Kogi workers first in her plans to alleviate the living conditions of the average Kogites.

a bloc that has been totally ignored by other gubernatorial candidates, in her plan, is highly commendable.

8. Energetic: When it comes to being energetic, Natasha is a rare breed which makes one wonder where she gets her energy from.

She’s among the few gubernatorial candidates in Kogi’s history to have traveled extensively to almost every part of the state visiting 8 TO 9 LGA Within 4 Days during her Gubernatorial campaign all on roads that are in deplorable conditions.

9. Ready: While many leaders wait until they assume leadership positions to know what is needed to transform the state, Natasha is one of the extremely few who has demonstrated that she’s ready.

Her rare combination of insight, depth and understanding makes her a rare breed and an exceptional leader who’s ready to hit the ground running.

10. Clarity: She’s the only Nigerian leader I have seen in recent terms whose sense of clarity is mind-blowing. In the course of her bid to become the governor of kogi state.

11. Resourceful: She’s the only gubernatorial candidate thinking about using the resources Kogi currently has to transform it into the state everyone would be proud of.

12. Motivator: There’s something extraordinary about Natasha that is not found in a typical Nigeria. She’s blessed with a unique ability to motivate others into not only believing in themselves but also motivating them into action.

Since she started her campaign and defeating INEC over her unjust disqualification her political party, her story, life and platform has been a source of motivation and encouragement to many young Nigerians all over the world who believe in her message of hope, liberation and freedom.

13. Intelligent: There’s no question about Natasha’s intelligence. She understands Kogi State as a pastor filled with the holy spirit understands the bible and explains it to his congregation from a unique perspective.

Natasha’s knowledge and understanding of the complexities of the issues that have held Kogi State and its people back from the path of peace, progress and prosperity can best be described as “out of this world.”

Many of her followers have coined the name KOGI AMAZON for her.

14. Courageous: If you are looking for qualifying words that sum up the totality of who Natasha is, one word that will keep recurring is courageous.

Out of all the gubernatorial candidates Kogi has ever produced, Natasha is simply a rare breed when it comes to being mettlesome.

She’s not afraid to speak her mind no matter whose ax is gored. She’s one of the few, if not the first guber candidate, to have led protests against oppression, high-handedness and ineptitude of the INEC and in the process, puts her life on the line.

She is a pro-democracy campaigner and human rights activist that gives voice to the voiceless, decimated, forgotten and the oppressed even if those actions will cost her life.

15. Incorruptible: Each time you think of the word, incorruptible, all you need to do is to think of Natasha Akpoti.

16. Emancipator: Natasha Akpoti has special abilities to free people from any type of mental and self-imposed bondage. She speaks with power, poise and wisdom such that you can’t but be liberated from whatever is holding you back.

With these exceptional leadership qualities, Natasha Akpoti is a rare breed which separates her from among the pack of those currently vying for public office In Kogi State.

Here’s wishing her astounding success in her bid to become the Voice of the People.
Her Bid to take kogi to the promise land.

May God Almighty Bless And Protect You and Your Family Ma.
Kogi Needs You

Positions come and go. But the respect that she gets for being a good person, for her virtues and attitude, is genuine. It lasts long.

Natasha Akpoti a satyadarshi (truthful), samdarshi (equanimous), priyadarshi (pleasant personality), pardarshi (transparent) and doordarshi (farsighted).

God Bless Kogi State
God Bless Natasha Akpoti
God Bless Kogites.

By:Daniel Onimisi Ford.

To learn more about her and latest news about her, Click HERE

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