Ajaokuta Chairmanship Seat: If Not Aka’aba, Who Else Does The Cap Fit?

As the battle to settle for the best in the forthcoming 12 December Council Election is at hand (in less than two days), there is a burning desire amongst Ajaokuta to opt for a trustworthy and reliable politician with the resume to match the performance of an administrative Guru that will uplift the banner of our LG.

Against this backdrop, the rumbling clamour as to who will lift and fly this banner was nipped in the bud when the good people of Ajaokutans collectively endorsed Hon. Prince Mustapha Aliyu Aka’aba as the Candidate of our Choice and Hon. Salamat Magdalene Salami as his running mate.

Going by the Administrative sagacity of Hon. Prince Mustapha Aliyu Aka’aba, in his previous assignment as the Administrator and Senior Special Adviser to the Governor on Security Matters, it’s obvious, very visible to the blinds and audible to the deaf that the development of Ajaokuta has been the main reason and desire that propel the people to collectively endorse and reaffirm him for this haculene task.

Hon. Prince Mustapha Aliyu Aka’aba’s lifestyle exudes love and empathy for his people and therefore can never be associated with any act of political rascality that will dent the image of his hard-earned name as initially misinformed by the oppositions and naysayers.

Apparently, Prince Aka’aba’s opponents in the Chairmanship race are aware that his credentials towards winning the race are unbeatable…

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