Aloysius Okino Not Responsible For Hon Lawal’s Woe ~ Muh’d Hakim

Aloysius Okino
Hon. Aloysius Okino

Hon Lawal indeed trends for same usual reasons on social media and the calls to order in the regards of performance was triggered by the just concluded empowerment embarked on by Hon Zainab Gimba Member Representing Federal Constituency, Borno.

Expectedly, Hon Lawal Media Aides blames their failure and poor performance on Hon Aloysius Okino for seeking redress in court. This has become a culture and pattern they trends on each time they are been called to order. We will not hesitate to address any orderliness without any fear of arrest or intimidation. For the record of words, we will not fall for any badly scripted hypocrisy.

Tell the entire public how Hon Aloysius Okino halted the 500 million naira yearly constituency Allowance and several other multi millions allowance? and stop playing victim when ever Hon Lawal is been reprimanded.

That been said, he (Lawal) is a decent family man, a citizen that I just happen to have disagreements with on fundamental and political issues, and that is what this is all about. however, if the same level of respect is not accorded to my Boss (Hon Aloysius Okino) we will be left with no option other than to trend in the same path.

In addition and response to other weighty and unsubstantiated allegations or play of victim, We have decided to overlook all of your insults & name callings but we will not condole further abuse going forward.

It is normal for the opposition to hold government accountable, and could disagree on policy direction, governance and welfare etc. although the latter is not immune from inanities and faltering too. it all depends.

There should be decorum, decency, and believability in order to avoid scornful rebuke from the people, just as our own form of democracy will not grow to maturity with mediocre government and mediocre opposition we have continued to produce in the country.

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