Appointment, Stop writing For Me, ”Que Será Será” Prince Suleiman Adinoyi

Prince Suleiman who is a strong and dedicated member of the AYB to GYB foundation has warn his friends and well wisher’s to stop posting for him about Appointments.
He said if he is destin’d for that definitely he will get it and to also avoid rumors in such a way like he is sponsoring those posts.

Read his words below:…

Dear Brothers and Comrades, Good Morning. I hope today meets you well.

First, I want to congratulates our newly appointed commissioners and special Advisers, may God direct and guide to perform above masses expectation.

Long before now, and even as we speak, social media has been overheated in what I may refer to as reminder to his Excellency, Alh #Yahaya_Bello, through his top officials, mainly the amiable and Freshest Commissioner for Works and Housing, Engr. Abubakar Ohere Abubakar Ohere and the the capable Chief of Staff, Abdulkareem Asuku Jamiu.

Brothers, I can understand you all really care for me. I can understand you have considered me worthy enough to serve in this government considering the fact that we have come along way in Struggles, some at the undergraduate days, and many during the power cum generational shift tussle having Alh. Yahaya Bello as the Champion which by God’s grace became the Governor of Kogi State in 2015 and till today been reelected as the Executive Governor after another tough tussle which we all participated of course.

During those years and tussles, I’ve come in contact with many of you and we’ve proven ourselves committed and dedicated most importantly at the grassroots cum social media. Our anthem has always been having a better person at the helm of affairs who will place the common people first and and thank God GYB has been doing wonderfully well.

I know too well that through thick and tin, leaders are unveiled, however I always feel flattered every time you guys, those I have met and those I never met put up some tantalizing eulogies about my person, sometimes I feel I’m not worth it, reasons I always gave the adoration to my leaders who also work with the traits of his Excellency, GYB.

Hey Brothers, It may displease you guys for telling you this, but I really have to. Not everyone thinks straight or be considerate to understand why a particular person is being pointed at whether for right or wrong, thus it means our stance positions may always be misconstrued.

To be straight, irrespective how crystal clear it is that I have supported this government from AYB to GYB and had also worked in justaposition with you guys and feel not a bad idea to write a memento of such, I fear that it may be misconstrued. I wouldn’t want anyone to think I’m being desperate for Appointments. Some evil minds who can cook stories to paint one black may even assume I instagated my guys to be pressing for me through writings on social media in the name of appointments.

His Excellency and our Leaders are aware of their subjects and their needs, and I’m sure if they believe in us that we can serve and had done enough to deserve a shortlist among those to serve, they will do the needful.

Let me also tell you guys the bitter truth that your reminder through writings that I/we be considered may or may not necessarily work. Meaning, if they’ve found me worthy to serve, the writeup would be needless, I will always be remembered and considered as at when due. I can understand that those we have reared at the grassroot may have expectation through us, and having me at the helm of affairs could be a channel too, but let’s be calm.

Sorry if this injures your feelings guys, I’m just being careful not to be tagged wrongly.

What will be mine will be, let’s not force it, if it’s meant to be, it will by God’s grace.

Let’s keep hope alives.
God bless you all and Jummat Kareem Brothers.

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