There are few reasons i have decided to settle for this woman:
1 she is brave, smart and intelligent. Her doggedness can as well be regarded to that of a lone ranger. Before beeming into political light, she has stepped on toes with regard to saga surrounding the most illuminating steel industries in West Africa – Ajaokuta steel complex. How she fought high and mighty, went out of her way like an investigative journalist to unravel plans to sell of the steel complex, her inexhaustible presentation of evidence at the senate is still an accolade yet to be accrued to whoever deserves it.

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2. The current Lord of Lugard house knows that Natasha’s political terrain is a threat that could earn him a persisting sleepless nights. That was evident during the senatorial race. Besides, for those clamoring to get Bello out of power, Natasha is the right weapon that PDP failed to present.
3. Natasha is an enigma of a generational power shift. As a I earlier said, she is smart, intelligent and brave.
4. Let me admit that Natasha as a governor will emancipate the real definition of inclusive governance. It will be infrastructural development in massive. Trust me, there will be no foot dragging.

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Finally, men had failed, let women try this time. Although, with a technocrat like Dr Victor Adoji in politics, men would have retraced their steps. But since greed and the hovering clannishness will not let, the women should lead for now.

I stand for a better Kogi state with @BARRISTERNATASHAAKPOTI.

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