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Where is Engineer Musa Wada? Where is that charming prince whose political luck shined to the fore from the back stage? Why is everywhere so calm as if nothing is happening, and at this critical time? Where is the convener of that sacred movement to unsit the gangs of democratic rapist in the Lugard house? Could Wada be the messiah? Or should we expect another?

Fellow Kogites, I am appalled, displeased and discomforted by the recent happenings in the opposition. And I am beginning to believe a shady deal, perhaps, orchestrated by the sneaks Yahaya Bello claimed to have inaugurated in PDP, whether his victory in the just concluded primaries was an an accomplished mission, or the fulfillment of my initial suggestion that fielding a weaker aspirant will abate Bello’s smooth ride back to power.
We saw a primary so loud and promising. And like a thunderstorm that could bring heavy down pour, there was fear in the camp of the enemy, so obvious that activities of the ruling party has to be pended until the opposition’s primary is come and gone. Today, the song has changed, from the wailing song of a helpless orphan to a chant of joy of victory in a battle yet to commence. Not only is the opposition been mocked, the entire state has become a laughing stock of those in the nearby states. Still, many wondered and concluded that Bello may be reelected after all. And have continually asked; what is wrong with Kogites? Others posited that we are politically naive, and like a cuddling baby been beaten by its mother, we are settling unanimously for the unwanted elements in Kogi’s polity. Well, their assertions maybe apt, perhaps, some fact are truly obvious. Because even those involved have gone into hiding. From the faulted Dubai unwarranted vacation where the picture of a pro-African in extremely local attire in group with the formal presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar appeared on social media to the photo of a man working out of an arrival building of the Muritala Muhammed international Airport, Wada is yet to resume work.

Unfortunately, Yahaya Bello and his merchant of vices have done their home work long before now. From the National level to the LG, the enfant terrible seems not to be worrying over anything. And instead of perpetual panic, they are either mocking PDP or throwing a hideout party having successfully reposition themselves for imposition.
As things stood, I have no reason to blame Kogites for their misfortune anymore. This is because, everyone may be induced and be subjected to Bello’s caprices, the Civil servants are not. I and all those fighting the current injustices are not. And my hope was that Wada will explore the aggrieved judiciously to his merit. This is the only option he has. Of course the voice of the Victims of Bello’s sycophantic policies are dwindling, but let me tell whoever cares, if they have their chances today, they will unequivocally vote Bello out regardless of whose ox is gored. But Wada is no where to be found.
I won’t dispute also that PDP’s house is in disarray. Hence, the entire difficulty. But there are some aspirants whose grievance is justifiable yet, they have been working very hard while Wada is still sleeping. Can’t he rely on those people while we leverage God for his victory?
Again, Bello has perfected all plans and is currently touring every 5 star hotels in Abuja in search of merriment. Edward Onoja been the major beneficiary of the entire shenanigans now shuttles Kogi East daily painting white to black. To cap it all, all roads have been blocked. Even the aspirants who refused to yield to Bello seductive N5 million are either being disqualified or blackmailed.

Fellow Kogites, if Wada failed to act and APC wins again, we will hold a member of Ibro’s family responsible alongside his father. We will mention his name, the roles he played and how it abated Wada’s victory. Even the afterward desperate gambles. We will expose all. Then Kogites will understand who’s truly their enemy. I will not watch my fellow citizens been blackmailed for what they can’t change. Rather, those involved be mentioned so the world would know our predicament.

For now, Wada has to wake up. The masses are with him. I am with him and all those vulnerable to Bello’s antics are with him. Even the restless spirit of our late heroes are with him. The task of rescuing Kogi from Bello is non negotiable. And with all the strength, will fight for our right. And above all, let’s not give up without a fight. There are voiceless voices waiting for Wada to be their mouth piece. He should trace those voices and align with them. It’s not about money because Bello already have doubles of whatever he may budget. Let him go to the people and give them his word. Even in APC, people are waiting for him.

God Bless Kogi state.


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