By Gen. Moshud.

The politics you are both playing is becoming miscarriage and very Nonsense’s,disgusting and very childish.

Once a time the OHIONOYI of Ebira land was a politician and very strong and vibrant than the both of you, but he never use his position or powerful input to bring problem to Ebira land which your both ambition is causing mayhem and hatred between our sons and daughter just to gain political mindset.

Two of you might taught that you are spoiling our image as ebira just to gain your interests but the fact is that Ebira land remain pure and both of you are just destroying your image because of power which is not more than 4years.

Exposing yourself to others to come between both of you Is totally political assault.

Did you ever think that, how vibrant and smart the both of you are, people will ever want peace between you. No

Because the combination of both of you will be a covalent bond that Nigeria has never have before.

Going to court is personal interest because you all belong to different political party but remember if you win or lose you are still coming to ebira land and if you lose that is not the end of your political life becuz democracy is a continue process that can’t be undermine.
Or you want to destroy our image and both base at Abuja, it cant be possible.

His Excellent Gov YAHAYA adoza bello in you cabinet check it very well and see those that is causing this mayhem against 2024 at stake because when there’s no unity between the both of you definitely they will always be problem in our zone.

Call your sister and embrace her, and let her have your trust because whatever happens to her will all be on your name even when you are not involve. Been mute in all issues is not the solutions to all. Speak out.

Bar.Natasha Apoti you are very committed and strong but the truth is that,this not how to show that, when ebira land cannot breath again and totally in slumber, losing what belong to us. Check your advisers and see their mindset if is progressive toward you or pushing you down for political elite to hit your hard 2024 ambition.

Both of you should do check and balance if is only your selfish interest that matters in both breaking the love of our sons and daughter or to bringing unity. Then you will realize where you both stand.

We will never regret having both of you but at the end when you people do the right thing then we will be proud having two vibrant political leader that adhere to harmony,peace to Ebira Nation.

People has started thinking you are fighting Ebira land because of your ambition Natasha. check this very well. Call for peace between the both of you even if he failed to and he must accept it.
And know Medias are ready to destroy anything is this country talk less of your relationship with your brother, they will always call you to talk so that the hatred will continue.

The title of traditional leader can not be drag to political matter for the sake of both of you.

Ohinoyi will not stood so low as his working hard,tirelessly in unity to bring what is false fully taking away from us but the support we are having from both is political crises. What a shame to ebira nation.

His Excellency No matter what you see today as a person let it go for the sake of our father land.
People are dragging your name to dirty politics.

You have the heart of Nigerians, your poster for president for 2023 is trending on media and they embrace it even if you distance yourself from it. But allowing those close to you drag your name in to bad politics, then it can never be achieve any time you are ready.

His Excellency you are unique politician we ever have at your early age and i believe you have to settle with your sister and get thing Right as you always do with others.

Don’t allow them to drag the throne to politics in respect just to call for settlement,peace or resolve it issue at hand.

As a LION, We know you can do it and you will do it without roaring.
You are father and the leader of the state that people are looking up to you.

May we live long to celebrate both of you.

A world is enough for the wise.

Long Live Ebira Opete.
Long Live Kogi State.

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