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Mrs Hannah was so glad that finally the type of student she has been looking for is finally in her class which was Melody.

Henry too couldn’t believe that Melody was this smart because the topic has never been taken before so he wondered how come she knew the answer to the question.

The rest of the lesson was so interesting to Mrs Hannah as Melody supplies the answer to almost all the question that she asked thus increasing her love for her.

“Meet me at the staff room during break time “Mrs Hannah said to Melody who only nod her head and she left.

Melody return to her mode of silence again without saying w word to anyone but focused on her books that was before her.

Amanda had already left the class due to how jealous she was that the girl she hated is now becoming famous in the school.

After several lessons from different teachers, all seems to love Melody for her intelligence because there’s no class that she will not provide an answer to a question.

The bell came on for break and the time was #11:30 which was to last for 30 minutes. students rushed out of their class to the cafeteria to enjoy themselves with snacks and all sort of things but Melody wasn’t interested knowing that she can’t afford those.

Henry walk to her and place a hand on her shoulder.

“Melody, I like your bravery ”
Melody look up at him for the first time and smiled which almost got Henry wonder how come the sudden smile.

“Thank you Henry, I appreciate ”

“You are welcome dear.
why not come let’s go to the cafeteria and have some lunch?

Immediately Henry said that her mode changed instantly because she was not ready for another embarrassment by anyone, she shook her head negatively.

“No Henry I’m fine, I’m not hungry “She said and stood up remembering that her biology teacher asked her to come during break, she step outside her class but was confused because she didn’t know where the staff room is located so she went back inside the class and stood by the door.

“Henry, I need your help “she said from the door and Henry smiled knowing that she’s now asking for his help and then walk to her.

“I need you to show me the staff room, I want to see Mrs Hannah ”

“Okay fine I will come only on one condition ”

Melody frown hearing him mention condition.

“Okay fine don’t worry I will go alone “she said almost immediately and wanted to walk away but Henry stopped her.

“Okay, I will take you there “Henry said

“Enh! wonders shall never end, now you have win a name already in this school and if that’s not enough you want to snatch my boyfriend from me? Amanda said coming out of her hiding place under the stair case clapping her hands.

“You this bitch, you think that you can come here and control anyone with your witchcraft power as you like? never! you can’t control me”she keep on ranting

“Amanda, what’s all this all about? Henry asked fuming in anger

“Hey you, close that your mouth and stand here, this doesn’t include you “Amanda said

“You dare raise your voice at me Amanda?
“Kpaaahhh “sounds the heavy slap Henry gave her which resounded in the class and she held her cheek.

“You slapped me Henry?

“And i can do that again, who is your boyfriend? why are you trying to act rude to this Melody? Since she came here what crime has she committed that you can’t allow her rest? Henry said.
Melody was already tired of the drama so she left the place heading to the staff room praying that she find the way to it and luckily for her after 5 minutes of walking she found it.


Back to the busy roads where cars were driving up and down, Mrs Armstrong Melody’s mommy was busy selling orange to her customers under the hot sun but she didn’t care.

She didn’t want her daughter to end up like her uneducated that’s why she’s struggling to see her through in education.

She was thinking about her family when she didn’t see an incoming vehicle approaching, before she realized what was happening she found herself on the floor with blood and she lost consciousness.

Back to the school, Melody was having a great time with Mrs Hannah discussing as if they have known each other before and to be frank Mrs Hannah love increased for her as if she was her child because she had no child at her age but she was happily married.

Melody was still talking with Mrs Hannah when she heard her name being called in the staff room.


She turned to see the person she didn’t even expect.

“Oh my goodness, Mrs Chika?

She ran and embrace her while Hannah sat down and wondered where they’ve known each other before.

“Melody is this you? Mrs Chika asked

“Yes ma’am, it’s me “she replied

“What are you doing here?
“how come you are here, what about your former school? she asked

“Ma’am, remember that scholarship exams that we wrote, I won the scholarship and I was sent to school here ma’am “she replied smiling.

“wow, Melody you still surprises me with your intelligence. keep going dear I love this ”

“Thank you ma’am ”

Mrs Chika was her former Economics teacher in her former school, she came visiting the school but was surprised to see melody there but she was not shocked because she knew what sh is capable of doing.

She exhale and smile.

After spending an hour with her teacher, she left the staff room and immediately she stepped outside she heard her name being called again.

It was Amanda with her team of other four girls. Deborah, peace, praise and joy standing and watching her.

“You have chewed more than you can swallow young lady “Amanda said and walked to her followed by her team.

“Stay away from Henry cause he’s mine and mine alone if not you will regret it “she threatened

“It is so unfortunate that you need medical attention or else you will run mad soon”Melody fied back which startled them as they were all thinking that she will be crying but they were wrong.

She walked out of them and none dare to stop her or follow her.

Mrs Armstrong was rushed to the hospital but she had loss so much blood thus giving her 25% of surviving.

Melody got home and found the whole house empty without his father and that was strange to her because her father normally stays at home.

She waved off the idea and then continued undressing just then she heard a sound of a vehicle in their compound and she went outside to see people gathered around his father outside with blood all over his body and he was badly wounded.
“Father! she shouted and run to where he was while people shook their heads in pity
To be continue🤓🤓

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Melody couldn’t help than to cry seeing his father lying lifeless on the ground without any sign of survival.

She didn’t even have the idea that her mother too is in a more complicated situation than his father.

The worst part of it was that Mr Armstrong was still breathing but none dare to rush him to the hospital because they knew that even if they take him to the hospital that he won’t have the bills to settle.

Nobody wanted to help them which made Melody cried the more for help but none seems to come.

Mr Armstrong heard the news of his wife being involved in an accident, so he rushed out of the house to go see his wife not knowing that the worst is awaiting him too on the road as he got involved also in a fatal car accident.

Mr Patrick could be seen driving along the lonely way so speedly as if he is playing the game called fast and furious.

He stopped at a huge compound that has a big fence on it with electric wires that prevents thief’s from entering the house.

He press the car horn and immediately the gate was roll open, he drove in park the car in the car garage and move inside faster as someone who is being chased by a troop of army or someone who is under a demonic spell.

His house was well built with a small garden inside and everything in it smell money which is to say that Mr Patrick has what is called money.

He was so restless immediately he entered his house, he pace up and down with the car key making noise in his hands at the same time.

“What a bad day for me. how could this possibly happen?
“I knock down a lady on my way back and I ran and left without taking her to the hospital, and the worst of it on my way of running, I also knock down an old man too and still run away? Mr Patrick complained bitterly.

“that’s so bad of me, what if they die how will their kids feel?

“No, I have to start searching for them now before the worst happen “he concluded and just then Amanda emerged from her room wearing a mini skirt that stopped below her thighs which got her body exposed but she didn’t care.

“Dad, good afternoon ”

“Yes, my angel good afternoon. how was school today?

“Fine dad. I overheard you talking so I decided to come and check who you are talking to dad ”

“It’s fine dear, what about your mom is she not back yet?

“Yes dad.

“Okay, I’m going out now and I will be back soon.

“Bye bye dad”

Mr Patrick kissed her daughter on the forehead and head out of the house praying that he found the two people his car had knocked down earlier.

It’s obvious that it’s Mr Patrick car which is Amanda father that knocked down Melody both parents and he ran away leaving them to their own fate after the incident.

#5 hours later

Mr Armstrong was already admitted in a close hospital with the help of a closed friend and that was when the news got to Melody that her mother too was also involved in an accident which was the reason her father on his way to check on her got involved too.

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It was a very sad and tragic day for melody for her both parents to get involved in a car accident, and she had no option than to pray that their suffering end soon.

#Next day

Melody didn’t go to school but she took on her mother’s business of selling orange on the streets.

She was visibly seen with a tray of ripe orange on her head shouting for people to buy from her under the hot sun of the day.

Back to golden gates high school Mrs Hannah class was so boring to her as she looked around only to discover that melody who always makes her class interesting was not in school.

She wondered what could have made her stay back from school, she even wanted to visit her to check what’s wrong but the worst part of it is that she doesn’t fully know her talkless of their address.

Henry too was confused because Melody always comes first to school but it is almost #11:30am and she’s nowhere to be found.

Amanda couldn’t help but to smile that the bitch is not in the school.

She was sitting with her gossip team breaking people with their mouth.

“Where’s that bitch that said nonsense yesterday ?Praise asked

“Who are you asking? who knows whether her poverty has killed her through hunger during the night? Amanda mocked and all of them end up laughing and Henry who was sitting far away knew that they were gossiping about Melody.

He shook his head pitifully and continue with what he was doing praying that all goes well with Melody.

Two days has already gone still her parents condition wasn’t a pleasant one which got her so worried and she has stayed away from school for the past two days hawking on the streets to take the responsibility of her mother to provide a little meal for her both parents in the hospital.

She was selling on the streets when a car drive past her and then reversed back to her and wind down the glass.

Melody was just the carbon copy of her mom, everything about her was Mrs Armstrong.

The car wind down the window and it was Mr Patrick who stopped by.

“Good afternoon sir, please how much do you want to buy orange? Melody asked taking the tray down.

“Sorry dear I don’t want to buy anything ” Mr Patrick said and the word was hurtful to her as she picked her tray to leave.

“Young girl, where’s the owner of this orange you are selling? Mr Patrick asked this making her to stop and looked back at him.

“You mean my mom? she asked

“She’s your mom?

“Yes sir”

“Where is she? Mr Patrick asked and the question alone had the answer to itself as fresh tears drop from melody eyes and Mr Patrick knows that melody is the daughter of the woman she knocked down.

“My mom had an accident and she’s in a critical condition struggling for her life in the hospital “she said cleaning the tears from her eyes and Mr Patrick prayers has finally been answered because he has been searching for that lady she knocked down.

“Take me there”Mr Patrick said and melody didn’t think twice than to jump into the car and they zoom off to the hospital.
To be continued…

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