Why APC Candidate, Hon. Prince Mustapha Aliyu Aka’aba

Why APC Candidate
Why APC Candidate, Hon. Prince Mustapha Aliyu Aka’aba Is The Candidate To Beat In Ajaokuta Council Election.

The much awaited Ajaokuta Council Election will be taking place 12th December, 2020 and there have been confusion and commotion in the state of minds, especially among the oppositions😜

Why APC Candidate

Whereas the candidate of the APC, *Hon. Prince Mustapha Aliyu Aka’aba* has used this as an opportunity to even drive the opponents to his side, because he worked really hard in the campaigns and rallies.

Also, the people of Ajaokuta have shown us during these period that they are tired of the administration that has befallen them over the years, hence, they want a candidate that will restore hope to them.

Despite this is his first contest, He is very popular in Ajaokuta LG for some of his philanthropic act that He does most especially during festive period.

He has built Clinics, blocks of classrooms, examination hall, Electrification projects and lots of other Giants strides for our people, he has fed the hungry, place people on scholarship and many more.
_He is very popular for these, this will also give him an upper hand._

Talking of his running mate, *Hon. Salamat Magadalene Salami* is someone who supports the youth with her resources, despite not having a political appointment, she has singlehandedly given room of employment to youth through her business and community development services.

Indeed, we are coasting to victory, 12/12/2020 MUST OBEY INSHALLAH’ALLAH.

Hon. Prince Mustapha Aliyu Aka’aba & Hon. Salamat Magadalene Salami Remains Our Collective Resolution, PRINCE DONAK IS SAYING JOIN US NOW!!!

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